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Mon, Jun 15th - Fit a stronger Bus gearbox in your Bug. Weddle Industries now offers a new gear carrier housing that allows Bug owners to utilize the much stronger 002 Bus gearbox. The Weddle Bus to Bug Gear Carrier... Full Story
Mon, Jun 8th - We are continuously working to bring you the best. Whether it's designing and developing the hardest working race components available or finding the easiest and fastest way to get you what you need... Full Story
Mon, Jun 1st - Replacement for obsolete original. Weddle Industries now offers a new Universal Vacuum Servo Bracket for 4WD Syncro Vanagon. The Weddle bracket is dual drilled for use with either a long or short... Full Story
Mon, May 11th - Hard-to-find 4WD Syncro Vanagon ratios. Weddle Industries now offers a full range of front and rear ring and pinion ratios for 4WD Vanagons. Syncro owners can now customize their gearing with Genuine... Full Story
Mon, May 4th - Hard-to-find replacements. Good used factory input shafts are difficult to find. Most have damage to the seal surface, clutch splines or pilot bearing spigot. Weddle Industries now carries ... Full Story
Mon, Apr 20th - Overstock. Weddle Industries now has an overstock of custom manufactured fill plugs to fit the various models of Mendeola transaxles. These high quality steel plugs feature 3/4-16 thread, 1” hex... Full Story
Mon, Mar 30th - OVERSTOCK Genuine VW parts. Weddle Industries now has large supply of Genuine VW 20mm steel washers for the late model VW Type 1 and Type 2 clutch cross shaft assembly. Grab some while supply lasts... Full Story
Thu, Mar 19th - NEW LQ R&P ratios. With the introduction of 35" tires into Class 10, slightly lower ratios are necessary to get your gearing right. In addition to our 4.57, we are adding 4.86 and 5.14 to our ... Full Story
Tue, Mar 10th - Overstock. Worn parts decrease shifting performance. Replacing your slider hub can help keep your gearbox in top shape. Weddle industries now has a surplus of hard-to-find VW factory 1-2 slider hubs... Full Story
Tue, Dec 23rd - Replacement for VW 020 gears. Weddle Industries now offers high quality replacement 1st-2nd sliders and reverse gears for the 020 trans. If your reverse gear and 1st-2nd slider are bad, odds are... Full Story
Mon, Dec 8th - Hard-to-find Factory VW Super Differential. Unlike econo/aftermarket cast iron diff housings available, these genuine VW units are made from steel and heat-treated for increased durability. These... Full Story
Mon, Dec 1st - High performance replacement. Now available, Weddle High Performance Pinion Bearing Retainer Assembly for VW 091/094 transaxles. The Weddle Retaining Assembly consists of a modified 1-2 slider hub,... Full Story
Thu, Oct 30th - Heavy duty replacement. Now available from Weddle Industries, Forged Steel Heavy Duty Pinion Bearing Retainer Plate for early VW transaxles with a 4-bolt case. This HD retainer plate is made from... Full Story
Mon, Oct 20th - OVERSTOCK Genuine Factory VW replacements. Weddle Industries now has a large supply of New Factory VW 091 1.26 3rd Gear Sets. These gear sets feature a 38mm bore  and a 50:63 tooth count. Available... Full Story
Tue, Oct 14th - Heavy Duty Diff Kit for Type 1 IRS transaxles. Now available from Weddle Industries: Heavy Duty Super Diff Kit  for use with VW 091 differential internals. The Weddle HD Super Diff Kit features a... Full Story
Wed, Oct 8th - Genuine Factory VW replacements: Weddle Industries now has a large supply of new Low/Reverse Synchro Assemblies for VW 094 4WD and 5-Speed Vanagons. There is no reason to risk your rebuild with a... Full Story
Mon, Sep 22nd - Heavy duty replacement. Now available, Weddle Racing Spider Gears for Mendeola MD and Weddle HV Gearboxes. This gear replaces the standard MD gear and is recommended for extreme duty applications.... Full Story
Mon, Sep 15th - New, hard-to-find Factory VW Aluminum Bell Housings. Now available from Weddle Industries, New Factory VW Bell Housings for diesel Vanagons. Used extensively in the rest of the world, these aluminum... Full Story
Mon, Sep 8th - Now available: Weddle Racing 4.86 R&P sets for 4WD Vanagon Syncros. These hard-to-find sets feature the superior Klingelnberg Palloid gear tooth system.  All Weddle Racing R&Ps are made from... Full Story
Wed, Sep 3rd - Heavy duty LQ R&P sets with one-piece pinion shaft.  Now available, Weddle Racing Heavy Duty Mendeola LQ Klingelnberg Palloid Ring & Pinion sets. The standard LQ pinion shaft is a two piece... Full Story
Mon, Aug 25th - Critical VW replacement. Weddle Industries now offers New Factory VW 091 B-Style Diff Covers. The B-style diff cover has been updated to correct the flaws of the original A-Style cover which was... Full Story
Thu, Aug 7th - This Albins ST6 keeps getting better. We have developed a new input shaft upgrade with a larger spline configuration that makes this light, compact 6-speed sequential gearbox now even stronger.... Full Story
Mon, Aug 4th - Hard-to-find replacements. Weddle Industries now has a large supply of Clutch Arm Springs and Spring Collars for early model (16mm shaft) and late model (20mm shaft) VW clutch cross shafts. The late-... Full Story
Tue, Jul 29th - Hard-to-find Genuine Factory VW replacements: Weddle Industries now has a large supply of new VW 091 Shift Rails and Hockey Sticks. These parts are hard-to-find, brand new Genuine Factory VW... Full Story
Tue, Jul 22nd - Heavy duty Ring & Pinions for high shockload applications.  Now available, Weddle Racing Heavy Duty VW Type 1 Klingelnberg Palloid Ring & Pinion sets. All Weddle Racing R&Ps are made from... Full Story
Mon, Jul 14th - Decrease critical rotating mass. Weddle Industries now offers a 7075-T6 Billet Aluminum Spool for MD and HV Series transaxles. This lightweight unit weighs only 7.76 pounds, about half the weight of... Full Story
Thu, Jul 10th - Ring & Pinion Design Systems. There are three major design systems currently used to produce ring & pinion gear sets in the world today – Gleason, Oerlikon, and Klingelnberg Palloid. The... Full Story
Mon, Jun 30th - Make it fit. Take the guesswork out of mating your engine and transaxle. Weddle Industries now stocks adapter kits to help you mate a VW style bell housing to most of today’s common engine packages... Full Story
Wed, Jun 25th - Upgrade on a hard-to-find replacement. Weddle Industries now stocks previously obsolete Bushings/Seal Holders for VW Type 1 and 002 nosecones. Unlike the original early stock outer bushings ('61-'... Full Story
Thu, Jun 12th - Overstock. Weddle Industries has a huge surplus inventory of Genuine VW Type 2 final drive flange circlips, part number 014-311-317. These are original equipment NOS parts. Quality is excellent, as... Full Story