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New Products

NEW Lightweight Billet Aluminum Racing Diff

Mon, Dec 31st - Decrease critical rotating mass. Weddle Industries now offers a 7075-T6 billet aluminum differential kit for the Weddle HV1 Transaxle or any of the MD series of Mendeola transaxles. This upgrade kit… Read More

NEW Heavy Duty MD Trans Case

Fri, Dec 28th - Maximum strength. Weddle Industries is working to bring the Extreme Duty Case (XDC) for the MD series of transaxles back into production. This case has been completely redesigned with maximum… Read More

NEW Heavy Duty Aluminum Gear Carrier

Fri, Dec 28th - Heavy duty replacement. Weddle Industries now offers a heavy duty gear carrier housing for the 091 Bus transaxle. Made from A356-T6 cast aluminum, this gear carrier is much stronger and more durable… Read More

NEW Weddle Heavy Duty Twin Disc Clutches

Mon, Dec 17th - Rock solid, smooth performance and exceptional holding power. Weddle and Centerforce have teamed up to introduce 9" and 10.4" twin disc, high-performance off-road clutches. Centerforce’s centrifugal… Read More

NEW Heavy Duty Vanagon Bearing Thrust Plate

Mon, Dec 17th - Heavy duty replacement. The mainshaft bearing thrust plate in stock VW Vanagon transaxles is too soft, allowing the outer race of the mainshaft bearing to wear into the steel thrust plate and the… Read More