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Transaxles & High Performance Gear Kits

Today, engines are more powerful, tires bigger, and suspensions more advanced than ever. Weddle Industries is committed to meeting the heavy-duty demands of today's powerful cars with continuous product development and improvement. There are many high performance transaxles available on the market today. Choosing the right one can be a challenge. Let us help you select the transaxle that best suits your application and budget.

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Albins AGB Series

The Industry Standard. Specifically designed for the extreme shock loads and harsh environments of off-road racing, Albins AGBs have a growing list of wins and class championships that include Dakar… Read More

Albins ST6 Series

Strong, compact 6-speed sequential racing gearboxes. The highly adaptable Albins ST6 gearbox was originally designed for Australia's V8 Supercars. The base 6-speed gear section can be configured to… Read More

Weddle S4/S5 Series

High-horsepower, sequential-shifting, Weddle engineering and wallet friendly performance. Originally known as the Mendeola S4/S5 and revamped by Weddle Industries in 2013, Weddle S4/S5 sequential-… Read More

Weddle HV Series

We've been working on heavy duty transaxles since the 1970’s. After years of designing transaxle parts for other manufacturers, we decided it was time to make a gearbox of our own. In 2009, we… Read More

Weddle MD Series

The transaxle that opened the door for higher horsepower, longer travel off road vehicles. Weddle Industries has worked closely with Mike Mendeola since the inception of the MD program in 1996. … Read More

VW Transaxles

Where it all started. The Volkswagon Type 2 transaxle has been out of production in the United States for over 20 years, yet it is still one of the most popular transaxles in the off-road industry.… Read More

UTV Transaxles

For many UTV racers, making it through an entire race with a stock gearbox and front differential is a challenge. Mass produced stock gears can crack and fail when subjected to extreme conditions… Read More

Honda Transaxles

Heavy duty Honda K and B Type full gear sets for high-shockload street and drag racing applications. Manufactured as a direct-fitment replacement for standard units. All gears are CAD engineered and… Read More