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In-House REM Polishing, Magnaflux Particle Inspection and Shot Peening

Essential services for those looking for more out of their driveline. No form of motorsport is harder on transaxle and driveline than off-road racing. Extra care needs to be taken in component selection, inspection, and preparation to get to the finish line. We have been building performance transaxles for many years, as a result we’ve learned a few things about keeping them alive.

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Shot Peening

Shot peening is a process in which hardened media called “shot” is used to bombard the surface of a metal part. This effectively hammers the part with thousands of small metal balls, which dimple, or “peen” the surface. Why is this necessary? When metal components are manufactured, they go through various hot and cold… Read More

Magnetic Particle Inspection

Detect cracks and wear before they can take you out of a race. In any race car, driveline components are exposed to extreme shock loads. Cracked components are a fact of life. Checking driveline components for cracks is an essential part of any thorough race car prep. Our Magnaflux wet bench inspection unit has allowed us… Read More

In-house REM Polishing process by Weddle Industries

Reduce friction and extend the life of your driveline components. Weddle Industries offers complete in-house REM ISF® polishing for gears, ring & pinion sets, CV joints, engine parts, and many other components. Developed by REM Surface Engineering, ISF, or “Isotropic Superfinish”, is a polishing treatment for machined… Read More