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CV Joints

CV joint installation is one of the messiest, most dreaded but most necessary tasks on your off-road race car. 

CV Boots & Boot Flanges

Heat, wear and inferior CV boots are likely to leave a huge mess on your hands. Find reliable, industry-proven CV Boots & Boot Flanges here. 

Drive Axles

Whether you need a short swing axle or a pair of 300m axles for your Class 1 car, we’ve got them. If we don’t see what you are looking for, we can track it down for you.… Read more

Stub Axles

VW Type 1 stub axles was a notorious weak link. With the introduction of mid-board hubs and micro stub assemblies, they are now common. If you are still running a Type 1 stub axle, our forged chromoly… Read more

Final Drive Flanges

Every transaxle has some sort of output flange, or final drive flange. We stock all the common VW flange/CV joint combinations as well as flanges for Mendeola, PBS, Weddle HV, and Albins. See all Fina… Read more