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Differentials and Final Drive

Differentials & Spools

A 4-spider differential, or “super diff”, will add tremendous strength to your VW transaxle and there are many to choose from.  This type of differential is standard equipment on most aftermarket off-… Read more

Diff Covers

Weddle Industries offers chromoly differential covers for VW T-1 and 091 transaxles.  We’ve seen the original equipment covers crack and break; our heavy duty covers are precision machined to fit prop… Read more

Diff Gears

In a hard running car, differential gears will eventually wear out. Whether you need a swingaxle side gear, an Albins sun gear, or even new 091 side gears, we have what you need.  You will only find… Read more

Final Drive Flanges

Every transaxle has some sort of output flange, or final drive flange.  We stock all the common VW flange and CV joint combinations as well as flanges for Mendeola, PBS, HV1, and Albins.

Other Diff and Final Drive Parts

Oddball differential components:  diff pins, center blocks, spider gear thrust washers, side gear thrust washers, roll pins, dowels, etc.