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Shift Mechanism


We stock a range of hard-to-find sliders, operating sleeves, dog-rings (used in dog change gearboxes) for VW Type 1, VW Type 2, Vanagon, Mendeola, PBS, HV1, and Albins. 

Shift Forks

A good used VW shift fork is tough to find, so we decided to make them. We stock new shift forks of all types from from steel VW Type 1 to cast bronze forks for an Albins sequential. 


Brass synchronizer rings are a common replacement item in any transaxle. Original equipment and aftermarket units are available for VW, Albins, and Mendeola. 

Shift Rails & Linkage (Internal)

Worn components cause sloppy shifting.  Get your shift mechanism running tight. We carry shift rails and linkage for a range of gearboxes from simple VW Type 1 to the complex precision Albins synchrom… Read more

Slider Hubs

Slider hubs are complex and often overlooked as a performance part. Weddle heavy-duty slider hubs are top notch components found in some of the hardest running cars in the desert.

Synchro Cones

Weddle Industries stocks a range of Synchro Cones for VW, Albins, Weddle HV and Mendeola gearboxes. 

Other Shift Mechanism

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Check this section.  Sequential drums, pivot levers, reverse eyebolts and many other oddball parts can be found here.