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New Products

Product development is a continuous process at Weddle Industries. Our design team is constantly searching for ways to make things stronger, function better or easier to install.

Transaxle Components

Gear sets, ring & pinions, stock replacement bearings, differentials, shift mechanisms, and bearings for Albins, Weddle HV, Mendeola, VW Type 1, Type. 

Clutches, Torque Converters & Adapter Plates

We've developed the most advanced off-road clutches available today. Our range of clutches deliver smooth performance under the most punishing shock loads. We also carry the finest adapter plates and torque converters on the market. 


We carry a full line of CV Joints, CV Boots and Boot Flanges, Drive Axles, Stub Axles, Final Drive Flanges, and Other Driveline Components. 

Cooling & Lubrication

Vehicles and engines are bigger and more powerful than ever. Transaxle oil circulation and cooling are now a major issue. We stock oil coolers, pumps, filters, temperature switches, lubricants and other fittings to keep your gearbox running smoothly. >

Starters & Electric

We carry a full line of heavy duty, sealed starters for most VW and Chevy based applications. We also stock temperature switches and dash displays.

Tools & Shop Supplies

Build it yourself. We carry most of the common VW tools necessary for transaxle rebuilding as well as Bentley manuals, which have the most informative transaxle sections.

Shifters & Linkage (External)

Smooth, fast shifts start with a precision shifter. We stock the best shifters in the industry for Albins, Weddle HV, Mendeola, and VW as well as shift linkage accessories. 

Weddle Swag

Hats, tees, hoodies, koozies and stickers all available.