Cooling & Lubrication

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Cooling & Lubrication

Off-road abuse requires hardcore lubricants to maintain a protective cushion between moving parts.  Weddle Industries stocks O.E. VW trans fluid, straight 140wt extreme duty trans fluid and everything in between. >

Extreme heat causes housings to expand and relaxes tolerances that lead to misalignment and increased wear. Our cooling system kits help keep the temp of your geatbox in check. >

Weddle Industries stocks high-efficiency, compact Setrab coolers and C&R heat exchangers. Use them independently or together to help keep your temperature in check. >

The pump is the heart of the cooling system. It needs to be tough and reliable. Weddle Industries has a couple to choose from that will get the job done in challenging applications. >

Our canister filter is the last trans filter you should ever have to buy. It's simple to disassemble and clean and features replaceable O-rings. This filter will should outlast your car. >

Inlets, outlets, manifolds, caps or whatever you need. Weddle Industries has the fittings you need to get oil back into the trans. >

Don’t see what you need? Check this section for all the oddball oil system components that don’t fit anywhere else. >