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Hardware, Fasteners


You will rarely hear praise about quality bolts that do their job, but it's not uncommon to hear about an inferior bolt that failed and caused a DNF. Weddle Industries stocks a wide range of excellent… Read more


When servicing aluminum and magnesuim housings, using studs is crucial to threads last longer. Weddle Industries stocks a large selection of premium grade studs, Type 1 VW to Albins sequential, we’ll… Read more


A wide selection of standard hex nuts, nylocks, lock nuts, flanged nuts, etc. for  VW, Mendeola, PBS, Weddle HV and Albins.

Circlips, Snaprings

We recommend changing snaprings and circlips when servicing a transaxle. We stock a wide range of circlips and snaprings including many factory VW circlips have been discontinued.

Washers, Shims, Spacers

Weddle Industries carries a wide selection of diff shims, pinion shims, 1st gear shims, thrust washers, flat washers, wavey washers, lock washers, sealing washers, 4th gear spacers, and main shaft spa… Read more


Fill plugs, drain plugs, magnetic plugs, detent plugs, pipe plugs, reverse light plugs, etc.  We’ve got lots of plugs for lots of different jobs. 

Other Hardware

Looking for vent fittings, lock tabs, hose clamps, dowels, or any other oddball hardware?  It’s probably in this section.