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Thu, Mar 21st - NEW LOWER PRICE on Genuine VW Gears. Weddle Industries has secured a large quantity of New Factory VW Early 113/002 3.80 1st Gear Idlers and we are able to offer them at great new price. These... Full Story
Mon, Jan 28th - For VW Type 1, 002 Bus, 091, and MD Series Transaxles. Because of their small size, reverse gears have always been a weak point in VW gearboxes. To address this problem, Weddle Industries makes a... Full Story
Thu, Aug 2nd - Fit a stronger Bus gearbox in your Bug. Weddle Industries now offers a new gear carrier housing that allows Bug owners to utilize the much stronger 091 Bus gearbox. The Weddle Bus to Bug Gear... Full Story
Tue, Jun 5th - Top quality sliders back in stock. Weddle Industries has successfully completed a major re-tooling effort to bring high quality VW 1st-2nd sliders back into production. The Weddle range now... Full Story
Wed, Feb 28th - Transfer power to both wheels smoothly and automatically, without the use of friction discs or drive plates. The helical gear design of this Automatic Torque Biasing (ATB) diff makes it extremely... Full Story
Tue, Dec 26th - Now in stock: Heavy Duty Bell Housings for VW 002 Bus, 091 Bus, and Vanagon transaxles. Made from A356-T6 cast aluminum, these bell housings are much stronger and more durable than the stock... Full Story
Mon, Oct 16th - NEW Improved 9310 Material. The 4.57 r&p set for VW 002 is the first ratio available in our brand new Weddle Sportsman line of ring & pinions, all of which will be made from aircraft... Full Story
Thu, Sep 21st - Genuine Factory VW. Aluminum Type 1 Rhino Cases are now available from Weddle Industries. These Genuine VW of Brazil housings feature extra ribbing for increased stiffness. They are cast from... Full Story
Thu, Aug 25th - Heavy Duty Upgrade. In later model years, Volkswagen upgraded to a longer, heavy duty spring with higher pre-load between 3rd and 4th gears. The new version spring will retrofit into any 113/002/091... Full Story
Mon, Aug 15th - Heavy duty. Now available from Weddle Industries, 1st-2nd and 3rd-4th Pro-Drag Slider Hubs for VW transaxles. These heavy duty hubs are designed to handle the shock loads and hard shifting... Full Story
Tue, Jun 7th - Previously obsolete. Weddle Industries now manufactures a high quality replacement for the previously obsolete 1st Gear thrust washer in early model VW gearboxes. Made from high strength bearing ... Full Story
Thu, May 5th - The ultimate differential for your Weddle HV or MD/S4*/S5* trans. Weddle Industries' new Automatic Torque Biasing limited slip 
differential has the ability to transfer power to both wheels smoothly... Full Story
Fri, Apr 8th - Take advantage of our overstock on these NOS Factory VW bolts. At these prices, it is a great time to replace your old pieces with brand new Factory VW bolts. While supplies last.   For... Full Story
Fri, Mar 11th - High performance sequential shifters. Weddle Industries now offers a choice of two new high performance shifters for your S-Series sequential transaxle. These shifters are compatible with both ... Full Story
Fri, Mar 4th - The SIN R1 GT4 is the ultimate modern supercar ready for GT4 competition. Developed in Europe by Rosen Daskalov, the SIN R1 GT4 is homologated for FIA GT4 and approved for Pirelli World Challenge GTS... Full Story
Mon, Feb 22nd - Previously obsolete. Now available, Sidescrew Locks for VW Bus and Vanagon transaxles in stock and ready to ship. These are a high quality replacement for your existing worn or damaged locks (2 per... Full Story
Fri, Feb 12th - Factory VW Aluminum Gear Carrier Housings for 2WD and 4WD Vanagon transaxles now available from Weddle Industries. Upgrade your worn out magnesium housing with a heavy duty aluminum replacement. ... Full Story
Tue, Feb 2nd - Previously obsolete. When a critical part goes obsolete, it can mean the end of the road for your classic VW. That's why the crew at Weddle Industries works hard to make sure gearbox parts for... Full Story
Mon, Jan 18th - Replacement parts that keep your ride alive. Weddle Industries now has a supply of previously obsolete OEM Shift Rail Guides/Ball Sleeves for 094 Vanagon gearboxes (part 091-301-120). These ... Full Story
Wed, Dec 2nd - Today's cars are heavier, faster and more powerful than ever. To meet the demands of abuse, the new Weddle HV2 transaxles feature a mid-plate to reduce shaft flex and a mainshaft bearing designed to... Full Story
Mon, Nov 16th - Lightning fast shifts for mid-engine applications. Borrowing the 6-speed sequential base of the original ST6 developed for V8 Supercars, the Albins ST6-M couples lightning-fast shifts with an... Full Story
Tue, Nov 10th - Today's bigger tires, bigger engines and more sophisticated suspensions put extra demands on today’s gearboxes. The new Weddle HV2 transaxles take oil distribution and lubrication to the next level... Full Story
Tue, Oct 27th - Genuine VW. Weddle Industries has a huge surplus inventory of Genuine VW Slider Hub Circlips for VW 091 and 094 transaxles. Take advantage of our overstock for a great price on these factory VW... Full Story
Tue, Oct 20th - Upgraded precision components. The new Weddle HV2 gearboxes feature upgraded internal components for improved shift performance including: Stronger and stiffer billet shift forks Heat treated... Full Story
Mon, Oct 5th - Overstock. Weddle Industries has a huge surplus inventory of new Washer Plates for sidescrew locks on VW Type 2 transaxles. Take advantage of our overstock for a great price on these hard-to-find... Full Story
Wed, Sep 30th - Overstock. Weddle Industries has a huge surplus inventory of new Genuine VW Reverse Idler Circlips for VW Type 1 and Type 2 transaxles. This circlip retains the idler bearing assembly in the main... Full Story
Thu, Aug 20th - What makes the new Weddle HV2 gearboxes better? We cut no corners designing the next generation Weddle HV24 and HV25 transaxles. We made the gears wider, added extra bearings for support, used... Full Story
Thu, Aug 13th - NEW bigger, stronger, next generation Weddle 5-speed. We put 30 years of industry experience and insight into the original Weddle HV1. After countless hours of development, we are proud to introduce... Full Story
Mon, Jul 27th - New heavy duty ratio. Now available, Weddle Racing Heavy Duty VW Type 1 Klingelnberg Palloid 3.44 Ring & Pinion sets. All Weddle Racing R&Ps are made from a proprietary spec, fine grain... Full Story
Mon, Jul 6th - Hard to find replacement. Weddle Industries now has new sidescrew lock phillips head screws for VW Type 2 gearboxes. Factory screws have been long discontinued. High quality Weddle reproduction... Full Story