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New Products

NEW Electric Oil Pumps

Fri, Feb 14th - Help save your transaxle from premature failure. Today's bigger engines, bigger tires and sophisticated suspensions allow cars to run harder and go faster than ever before. Heat build up in the… Read More

OVERSTOCK VW Type 2 Detent Springs

Mon, Feb 10th - Overstock: Weddle Industries has a huge surplus inventory of Genuine VW Type 2 detent springs, part number 004-311-625. These are original equipment NOS parts. Quality is excellent, as would be… Read More

NEW Heavy Duty VW Clutch Arms

Tue, Feb 4th - Heavy Duty Replacement. Weddle Industries now stocks Heavy Duty Clutch Arms for VW Type 1, 002, and 091 transaxles. Unlike stock clutch arms, these heavy duty replacements resist bending under heavy… Read More

NEW VW 094 Vanagon Racing Gears

Mon, Jan 20th - High performance gears for a great VW 091 alternative. The VW 094 Vanagon gearbox is a great alternative to the increasingly rare and expensive VW 091. Not only are 094s more available and cost… Read More

NEW Late 4th Gear Thrust Washers

Mon, Jan 13th - Hard to find VW replacement. Factory VW Late 4th Gear Thrust Washers have long been discontinued. They are found only in late 002 bus and late Type 1 cores and are becoming increasingly difficult to… Read More

NEW Genuine VW Axle Tubes

Mon, Jan 6th - Genuine VW Replacements.  Now available from Weddle Industries: brand new VW axle tube assemblies complete with end casting, tube, boot, flange, and clamps. These are genuine VW replacement parts… Read More

OVERSTOCK: VW 091 Factory Clutch Arms

Mon, Dec 23rd - Genuine NOS Clutch Arms. Weddle Industries has a huge surplus inventory of Genuine VW 091 Clutch Arms, part number 361-141-719. These are original equipment NOS parts. Quality is excellent, as would… Read More

NEW Nissan R35 GT-R Upgrade Kit

Tue, Dec 17th - Heavy duty, high performance upgrade. Standard 
Nissan R35 GT-Rs make approximately 480-540 HP. Tuners have modified their cars to create as much as 1300 HP. In the standard Nissan R35 GT-R… Read More

NEW Heavy Duty 930 CV Bolts

Mon, Dec 16th - Heavy duty. No modification necessary. Weddle Industries is proud to offer custom made, super high quality 930 CV replacement bolts for Mendeola MD/S4/S5 and Weddle HV transaxles. Unlike off-the-… Read More

Albins ST6-i: Strong, Compact Inline Gearbox

Sun, Nov 24th - Lightning fast shifts in a strong, compact inline package. The Albins ST6-i pairs the 6-speed sequential trans section of the original ST6 into a race-ready inline package. A standard set of drop… Read More

New SPORTSMAN Gear Ratios

Fri, Nov 22nd - Now in stock. Weddle Industries has added two new ratios to the SPORTSMAN Gear lineup: .89 and .77 4th Gear Sets. Both are available keyed or splined. The .89 ratio replaces hard-to-find stock VW… Read More

Weddle Syncro and Vanagon Parts

Wed, Nov 13th - We are proud of our VW roots. Weddle Industries got it's start in the 1970s building some of the first high performance VW off-road transaxles and we remain committed to supplying the best parts for… Read More

NEW Heavy Duty VW 091 Chromoly Diff

Mon, Nov 4th - Heavy Duty 091 Racing Diff. Tired of cheap, imported Type 2 diffs? So are we. Weddle Industries is proud to announce our heavy duty 091 Chromoly Racing Differential. Manufactured in the USA, this… Read More

Albins ST6's Are Here!

Mon, Oct 21st - Hot off the machines. The first of the new Albins ST6-i Trophy Truck gearboxes have arrived at Weddle Industries. You'll soon see them in action in the fastest Trophy Trucks on the planet. If you… Read More

NEW Heavy Duty Shift Linkage U-Joints

Mon, Jul 8th - Eliminate unwanted slop in your shift linkage with these bullet proof U-joints from Weddle Industries. Nearly impervious to dirt, sand, and grit, these joints are designed to operate smoothly with… Read More

NEW Compact Trans Cooler

Sun, Jul 7th - Save your transaxle from premature failure. With today’s bigger engines, bigger tires, and increasingly sophisticated suspensions, heat build-up and oil temperature control in driveline components is… Read More

NEW VW 020 Mainshaft

Sat, Jul 6th - Replacement for 16V VW 020 mainshaft. A damaged or worn reverse gear can render the mainshaft in a VW 020 trans useless. Weddle Industries now offers a high quality replacement mainshaft for the 16-… Read More

NEW Heavy Duty Gusseted Hockey Sticks

Sat, Jul 6th - Heavy duty replacements for VW Type 1 transaxles. If you've bent an existing hockey stick from an aggressive shift or have just plain worn one out, Weddle Industries now has a supply of heavy duty… Read More

NEW VW 091 to VW 094 4th Gear Conversion Kit

Thu, Jun 6th - Replace your worn out 094 4th gear with a good used 091 4th gear. The Weddle 4th Gear Conversion Kit allows the installation of an air-cooled VW 091 4th gear into a "Waterboxer" 094 Vanagon transaxle… Read More

NEW 4WD Vanagon Low Gear Housing Gasket

Fri, Apr 19th - High-quality replacement gasket. When the 4wd Vanagon low gear housing gasket went obsolete from VW in mid-2011, we promised our customers that we would make a replacement. We wanted a high quality… Read More

NEW MD/HV 930 Drive Flanges

Thu, Apr 18th - Weddle Industries now offers high performance 930 drive flanges for Mendeola MD and Weddle HV series transaxles. These drive flanges are manufactured from high quality steel, and each flange is heat… Read More

NEW Late VW Type 1 Shift Forks

Thu, Apr 18th - High quality VW Type 1 replacements. Weddle Industries now manufactures high quality steel shift forks for late VW Type 1 transaxles. These shift forks are excellent replacements for stock VW forks,… Read More

NEW VW 094 ATB Locking Differentials

Tue, Apr 9th - The ultimate Syncro differential. The Automatic Torque Biasing (ATB) locking 
differential may be the ultimate Vanagon Syncro differential unit. ATB locking diffs
 increase traction by powering both… Read More

NEW Profile Ground Racing Gears

Fri, Mar 29th - Extreme precision. In a continued effort to improve our product line, we are proud to announce the release of our new profile ground Weddle Racing Gears. What separates these gears from the previous… Read More

NEW 091 and 094 Spiders and Sidegears

Fri, Mar 29th - Unbeatable deal on factory VW sidegears. Weddle Industries is offering a deal so great that it's not worth your time cleaning and crack checking your old used sidegears. Take advantage of our… Read More