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NEW VW 094 ATB Locking Differential

The ultimate Syncro differential. The Automatic Torque Biasing (ATB) locking 
differential may be the ultimate Vanagon Syncro differential unit. ATB locking diffs
 increase traction by powering both wheels under all conditions. Power is transferred automatically without the use of friction pads or plates used in other limited-slip designs. Acting as an incredibly smooth limited slip differential during normal to moderate driving this unit can be “locked up” for extreme duty situations, delivering maximum drive torque to the wheels.

These units utilize the factory VW air locker controls providing the best of
 both worlds, the drivability of an ATB differential, with a full locker option when needed. While it is designed to be used in Syncro Vanagons equipped with factory locking differentials, it can be installed in non-locker equipped Syncro’s and 2WD Vanagons with additional parts. The ATB design is extremely strong and durable and since ATB diffs are gear operated, there are no plates or clutches that can wear out, needing costly replacement.

Application: VW 094 Locker Trans


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