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NEW Electric Oil Pumps
Help save your transaxle from premature failure. Today's bigger engines, bigger tires and sophisticated suspensions allow cars to run harder and go faster than ever before. Heat build up in the gearbox is now a major issue. Electric oil pumps help get oil back to key areas of the trans and lubricate parts in order to protect and extend the life of your gearbox. Weddle oil pumps can be combined with a cooler as part of a complete cooling system for even more protection. Both gear style and diaphragm pumps are available.
Application: High-performance transaxles and transmissions

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9-PUMP3     Weddle 12V Trans/Diff Oil Pump
Gear Type with AN-8 fittings

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9-PUMP1     Electric Trans/Diff Cooler Oil Pump
Diaphragm Type (Viton)
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