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CV joint installation is one of the messiest, most dreaded but most necessary tasks on your off-road race car. >

Heat, wear and inferior CV boots are likely to leave a huge mess on your hands. Find reliable, industry-proven CV Boots & Boot Flanges here. See all CV Boots & Boot Flanges.

Whether you need a short swing axle or a pair of 300m axles for your Class 1 car, we’ve got them. If we don’t see what you are looking for, we can track it down for you. See all Drive Axles.

VW Type 1 stub axles was a notorious weak link. With the introduction of mid-board hubs and micro stub assemblies, they are now common. If you are still running a Type 1 stub axle, our forged chromoly 930 Type 1 stub axles are your ticket to a trouble free run. >

Every transaxle has some sort of output flange, or final drive flange. We stock all the common VW flange/CV joint combinations as well as flanges for Mendeola, PBS, Weddle HV, and Albins. See all Final Drive Flanges.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Check here for those oddball items that don’t fit anywhere else. See Other Driveline Components.