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Weddle S4D/S5D Bell Housing Adapter Kit

Weddle S4D/S5D Bell Housing Adapter Kit

Engine option possibilities for the Weddle S4D/S5D transaxle. Here at Weddle Industries we do realize there are other engine options besides the Chevy V8. Many of you (a few at least) might cringe at the thought of having a Chevy engine in your car.

We hear you! After many years of only having a Chevy bell housing available on the Weddle S4D/S5D sequential transaxles there is now another option. The Weddle S45D-615A is an adapter that replaces the standard bell housing for the S4D/S5D transaxle making it possible to install a VW style bell housing. The input shaft and T/O bearing location make it possible to use any standard Kennedy Engineering adapter plate and clutch kit. There you go folks! What's your dream engine option? Don’t say twin turbo LS!

S45D-615A Adapter

Kit includes:

  • 1  S45D-615A   Bare Adapter Plate
  • 2   H-DM12X25   Dowels
  • 3   S45-9SGH175   Studs
  • 9   H-BM10X32H   Bolts
  • 9   H-WM10   Washers
  • 1   S45-902-03   Sealing Cord
  • 1   S45-9113H   Input Seal

Parts required:

Application: Weddle S4D/S5D Transaxles


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