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Back in Stock: VW 1st-2nd Sliders for 113/002, 091, 094, 020 Transaxles
Top quality sliders back in stock. Weddle Industries has successfully completed a major re-tooling effort to bring high quality VW 1st-2nd sliders back into production. The Weddle range now covers a variety of older model Volkswagens, including Type 1, 002 Bus, 091 Bus, 094 Vanagon, and 020 transaxles.
Weddle sliders are made to extremely high quality standards using proprietary spec materials, computer aided tooth form design, and a precision manufacturing process to ensure these parts are as good or better than the original equipment components.

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113-311-255-C   Late 113/002 1st-2nd Slider (40T)
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091-311-255       '76-'83 091 Bus/Van 1st-2nd Slider 
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091-311-255-A    '84+ 094 Vanagon 1st-2nd Slider
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020-311-239-S    1st-2nd Slider for VW 020 Trans 
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