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BACK IN STOCK: Heavy Duty VW Chromoly Steel Pinion Nuts

BACK IN STOCK: Heavy Duty VW Chromoly Steel Pinion Nuts

Mandatory upgrade for heavy duty use. In high shock load applications, the stock VW pinion retainer will stretch and pop back a few threads. Once this happens, the pinion shaft becomes unsecured and transaxle failure is not far off.

Weddle Industries Heavy Duty Pinion Nuts will prevent this issue. Weddle HD Pinion Nuts are made from Chromoly Steel and feature a thicker flanged section for increased strength. Weddle Industries has recently received a new batch of  Weddle HD Chromoly Steel Pinion Nuts for VW Type 1, Type 2 and Vanagon. This is a mandatory upgrade for heavy duty use in any Volkswagen transaxle.

TECH TIP:  Some time around 1971 or 1972, VW started using a washer under the large pinion bearing retainer nut in Type 1 and Type 2 transaxles. This required a slight change to the design of the main case (to accommodate the 2mm thick washer). If you are not sure which type of case you have, you can use calipers to measure the thickness of the case at the pinion bearing bore. If the thickness is approximately 22.2mm (.875") a washer is required. If it is approximately 24.2mm (.950") a washer should not be used.

'70+ VW Type 1, '69-'79 VW Type 2, '80-'83 Vanagon (Air Cooled), '84+ Vanagon (Water Cooled)

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