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PRICING UPDATE: Albins Transaxles

PRICING UPDATE: Albins Transaxles

Goleta, CA —UPDATE. Raising prices is never easy and we don’t take it lightly. Weddle Industries and Albins Performance Transmissions have held prices steady for many years. Unfortunately, current economic conditions have forced us to make adjustments. Pricing for Albins ST6, Albins AGB, and the Albins Differential have been updated for 2022.

New prices will go into effect October 1, 2022. Please contact us with any questions.

Albins AGB and Albins ST6 transaxles

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2022 Albins Transaxle Pricing

Albins AGB Series
AGB-SS5-TRANS        Albins AGB Sequential 5-Speed Transaxle
See pricing

AGB-SS6-TRANS        Albins AGB Sequential 6-Speed Transaxle 
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Albins AGB 10 Series
AGB10-SS5-TRANS        Albins AGB 10" Sequential 5-Speed Transaxle
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AGB10-SS6-TRANS        Albins AGB 10" Sequential 6-Speed Transaxle
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Albins ST6 Series
ST6RT-TRANS        Albins ST6 Sequential 6-Speed Transaxle, Super V8 Spec
(Front Engine/Rear Transaxle)        See pricing

ST6M-TRANS        Albins ST6 Sequential 6-Speed Transaxle (Mid-Engine)
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ST6TT-TRANS         Albins ST6 Inline Sequential 6-Speed Trans (Front Engine TT Spec)
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STXTT-TRANS        Albins STX Inline Sequential 6-Speed Trans (28mm FW Gears)
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