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2023 TJ Craig Memorial Weddle SWEET 16 Shootout

2023 Weddle Sweet 16 Shootout

The Weddle SWEET 16 is back with a twist! Here's the scoop on the 2023 TJ Craig Memorial Weddle Sweet 16 Shootout:

Date: September 23, 2023
Location: Johnson Valley, CA
A special event for Class 1600 racers
run in conjunction with the MORE PCI 300


Day Race: Four (63 mile) laps. Must take Joker Route one lap. Racers will get the checkered flag and have time to adjust and work on their cars for the night race.

Night Race: If you DNF'd the day race, you still have a chance at glory. $6000 of the total purse will be awarded to the podium finishers of the night race. Racers will need to complete two (32 mile) laps on the western half of the course. 

Overall results will be based on the combined time of day race plus night race. 

Weddle Sweet 16 Shootout

Weddle SWEET 16 SHOOTOUT Prizes

$1000 per entry payback purse
The more entries, the bigger the purse
Total purse will be disbursed to all official finishers 

$50K Purse
with 50 entries

PLUS $15K in Bonus Cash 
Courtesy of Weddle Industries, Hardin Auto Group, and 3G Racing

Weddle Shootout Contingency Bonuses 

1st  $500 Weddle Certificate
2nd  $250 Weddle Certificate
3rd  $100 Weddle Certificate


Additional Prizes
6th 239 Films Full Video Edit
7th BOXO Tools Kit
8th GI Custom MORE Fuel Mat
9th See Devil Portable Light Kit
10th PCI Race Radios Chase Radio
11th  Fluid Flow Performance AN Tools
12th GG Lighting Prize

Raceline Wheels Fast Lap Award

GG Lighting Top Qualifier Award

Last Official Finisher:
Free Entry to 2024 Weddle Sweet 16 Shootout


8 DNF Certificates from McKENZIES for $250

4 DNF Certificates GG Lighitng DNF

See Devil DNF Prize

Every Weddle Sweet 16 entry will receive a Weddle and MORE swag bag. 

Standard rules apply. Download a 2023 Weddle Contingency Program registration form. See the MORE Racing for the latest details, entry information and updated awards information.

Questions? Call us at +1 (805) 562-8600 or email us.

The TJ Craig Memorial
Weddle SWEET 16 Shootout

A special event for Class 1600 racers
Run in conjunction with the MORE PCI 300
September 23, 2023 | Johnson Valley, CA 


Weddle Industries is proud to support grassroots desert racing.