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New Precision Weddle HV2 Shift Linkage

Upgraded precision components. The new Weddle HV2 gearboxes feature upgraded internal components for improved shift performance including:

  • Stronger and stiffer billet shift forks
  • Heat treated and precision ground shift rails and shift shafts
  • Bronze shift rail guides
  • Hardened and ground steel shift gates
  • Improved HV2 shift rod, ball and cup

Centrally positioned shift rod. We relocated the shift rod on the new HV2 gearboxes within 1.75 inches of the centerline. This enables a simple, direct and efficient linkage from the shifter to the gearbox.

Mid engine ready. We left the original offset shift shaft on the side of the HV2s for use in mid-mount applications. A specially designed shifter and bolt-on linkage are available. 

Internalized ball/cup. We relocated the ball/cup mechanism from the external adapter of the HV1 to inside the main case in the new HV2s. This allows the ball/cup to remain lubricated and grime free.

Other Weddle HV2 features include:

  • 27mm wide forward gears - all gears ground after heat treat
  • Torsional 300M input shaft
  • Mid-plate bearing support between 2nd and 3rd gears
  • Tapered roller bearings on mainshaft to handle end thrust
  • Heavy duty synchronized reverse gears
  • Weddle Racing 10" Klingelnberg Palloid ring & pinion
  • Optional 934 flanges
  • Chevy bell housing option
  • Internal oil pump option

See options, gear ratios and technical information here.

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