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Racing transaxle for mid-engine applications. Weighing in at 145-160 pounds (depending on configuration) the Albins ST6-M is a strong, efficient 6-speed sequential racing transaxle featuring a set of drop gears for quick, simple ratio changes. The ST6-M borrows the proven 6-speed sequential gear section from the original ST6 that was developed for V8 Supercars, but relocates the ring and pinion to make it suitable for midengine applications.

Just like the original, the ST6-M is a strong, reliable package that is simple and straight forward to service. In an effort to reduce drag, the entire ST6 series features roller bearings and straight-cut, profile ground gears. All gears are shot peened and isotropic polished to help increase gear life. Inspection ports make routine inspection easy without disassembly. Internal oil pumps are standard. 
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MSA British Endurance Championship competitor MacG Racing

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Albins ST6-M features:

  • Albins Klingelnberg Palloid ring and pinion set
  • Gears profile ground after heat treat
  • Cast LM25 aluminum housings heat treated to T6 condition and stainless shot blasted
  • All gears shot peened and isotropic finished
  • Optional plate type LSD available
  • Innovative design allows very low engine mounting
  • Exceptionally short shift event times
  • Drop gear option for fast, economical gear changes
  • Straight cut drive gears and roller bearings to reduce drag 
  • Internal oil pump and lubrication/cooling system
  • Wide selection of drop gears available
  • Inspection ports allow visual check of gear and dog wear
  • Rod or cable shift activation
  • Tripod style output flanges standard. CV flanges optional

ST6M-TRANS   ST6 Sequential 6-Speed Transaxle, Mid-Engine   See pricing

ST6M-BH-LS     LS Bell Housing for ST6-M Transaxle     See pricing

ST6M-FW-LS     Flywheel for ST6-M LS Bell Housing     See pricing

1st  2.36    2nd  1.82    3rd1.47    4th  1.24    5th  1.04    6th  0.92

Drop Gear Ratios    1.13     1.07     1.04     1.00     0.96     0.93     0.88     0.81     0.68