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Weddle SWEET 16 Shootout: Tim Craig Wins Again

2021 Weddle Sweet 16 Shootout winner 1622 Tim Craig

Barstow, CA — The second event of the 2021 Weddle Shootout Series is in the books! The TJ Craig Memorial Weddle Sweet 16 Shootout fired off April 24 at the MORE Transaxle Engineering Challenge. 

2021 Weddle Sweet 16 Shootout Champs

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A hungry pack of Class 1600 racers put down seven fast laps on the 28 mile loop during the morning race of the Transaxle Engineering Challenge. 1622 Tim Craig once again found himself on top of the Class 16 podium, but it was no easy feat. 1679 Cole Hardin finished close behind to win the second place check and took home two more checks for the Weddle Top Qualifier and Weddle Mr. Consistent awards. 1623 Bryce Farrar found himself on the Weddle Sweet 16 podium again this year. Farrar took home the third place trophy and the Weddle Fast Lap check.

2021 Weddle Sweet 16 Shootout Cold Hardin Second place

Weddle-equipped teams found success beyond Class 1600. Weddle-equipped teams swept the Class 5/1600 podium with 556 Larry Negrete, Jr. in first, 558 Luis Herrera second and 554 Raul Solano in third. In Class 9, Weddle-equipped teams took the top two spots with 982 Wesley Welch finishing first followed by 986 Tom Burns in second.

Luis Negrete, Jr MORE Transaxle Engineering Challenge Class 5/1600 First

The Weddle Shootout Series could not happen without the hard work of MORE Racing’s Cody and Danielle Jeffers, all the volunteers keeping the course in check, and, of course, all of the race teams. A huge thanks goes out to PCI Race Radios, GG Lighting, Mckenzie’s Performance, Pro Eagle, Fluid Flow Performance, SeeDevil Lighting, 239 Films and Sign Pro for additional prizes and support.

Weddle Industries is proud to support grassroots desert racing. We are excited for The Weddle Perfect 10 Challenge on June 5 at the MORE McKenzies 250 in Lucerne Valley. See you there!

Weddle Sweet 16 2021 third place Bryce Farrar

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Top Finishers at the MORE Transaxle Engineering Challenge
April 24, Barstow, CA

The TJ Craig Memorial Weddle Sweet 16 Shootout
a special event for Class 1600 racers
1.  1622 Tim Craig — Weddle-equipped
2.  1679  Cole Hardin — Weddle-equipped
3.  1623 Bryce Farrar — Weddle-equipped 
4.  1634 Curt Greer — Weddle-equipped

Weddle Top Qualifier: Cole Hardin - $1000
Weddle Fast Lap: Bryce Farrar - $1000
Weddle Mr. Consistent: Cole Hardin - $1000

Class 5/1600
1. 556 Larry Negrete, Jr. — Weddle-equipped
2.  558  Luis Herrera — Weddle-equipped
3.  554 Raul Solano — Weddle-equipped

Class 9
1.  982 Wesley Welch — Weddle-equipped
2.  986 Tom Burns — Weddle-equipped