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Narrow Passes and Swept Podiums at SNORE Knotty Pines

Caliente, NV – The annual SNORE Knotty Pine 250 made good on its challenging reputation. Drivers were treated to a tricky course ripe with dust, narrow passes, and bottle necks. This year’s race witnessed one of SNORES closest finishes ever. Unlimited Class driver 152 Joe David edged out Class 10 driver Justin Davis by mere 43 seconds. It was enough for David to take the Unlimited Class and overall win in his Albins AGB-equipped car 152. David credits his car for its winning performance without any mechanical problems.

That Knotty Pines 250 was a great race for Weddle-equipped cars, sweeping the Unlimited podium with David taking first, Keith Waibel finishing second in Mendeola S5-equipped car 172, and 176 Pat Dean taking third in another Albins AGB-equipped Unlimited car.

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Class 1-2 1600 saw another  podium sweep for Weddle-equipped cars. 1632 Fernie Padilla took first, 1602 Kenny Freeman took second, and 1647 Rob Hendrickson finished third. All three cars feature Weddle Racing Gears.

Chad Cummings added one more win for Weddle-equipped cars in Class 12 in his Mendeola MD5-equipped car 1246. 

Big congrats to all the drivers finishing the this year’s SNORE Knotty Pines 250. We are looking forward to the SNORE KC HiLites Midnight Special in Jean, NV August 4th.

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2017 SNORE Knotty Pines 250 Top Finishers

Class 1
1. 152 Joe David—Albins AGB 
2. 172 Keith Waibel—Mendeola S5
3. 176 Pat Dean—Albins AGB
4. 152 Sean Gilbert—Albins AGB 

Class 10
2. 1015 James Ford—Mendoela S5

Class 1-2 1600
1. 1632 Fernie Padilla—Weddle Racing Gears
2. 1602 Kenny Freeman—Weddle Racing Gears
3. 1647 Rob Hendrickson—Weddle Racing Gears

Class 12
1. 1246 Chad Cummings—Mendeola MD5
2. 1221 Kenny Thatcher—Mendeola MD5

Class 5
2. 505 Travis Chase—Albins AGB

Photo: door54photography