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MORE Season Ender

1089 Ron Weddle MORE Transaxle Engineering Challenge 2020

Barstow, CA — Thanks to the hard work and determination of MORE's Cody Jeffers and all the race teams that battled through this year, the MORE season wrapped up with a bang in Barstow at the Transaxle Engineering Challenge. The format for the Transaxle Engineering Challenge was a little different than other events on the MORE calendar. The race course was split into a North loop and a South loop that shared the main pit. The field was divided into two groups, half on the South side and half on the North side for the morning race. In the afternoon, the racers swapped courses. Results were based off combined times for both races.

79 Eric Hardin MORE Transaxle Engineering Challenge 2020

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Weddle-equipped cars claim podium spots. Eric Hardin piloted his Albins ST6-equipped 79 Trophy Truck to the best combined time in Barstow to take the win in Class 1. Weddle S5-equipped vehicles had a great weekend. In Class 5U, 5015 Wes Moser took the top spot in class with 500 Cade Garcia finishing right behind in second. 908 Eric Ruble earned the win in Class 9 and Ron Weddle driving the new Alumicraft 1089 finished the weekend 2nd in Class 10. Weddle, Moser, Garcia and Ruble all driving Weddle S5-equipped vehicles. in Class 1600, Bryce Ferrar took first in Weddle-equipped 1623 with 1618 Zack Sizelove finishing second.

1623 Bryce Ferrar Transaxle Engineering Challenge 2020

Season Champs crowned. Despite a tough and irregular season, Weddle-equipped racers clinched season titles in Barstow. 908 Eric Ruble clinched the 2020 MORE Class 9 Champion and 500 Cade Garcia earned his second MORE Class 5U Championship, winning back-to-back seasons.

500 Cade Garcia Transaxle Engineering Challenge 2020

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Top Finishers at the MORE Transaxle Engineering Challenge
December 5, 2020, Barstow, CA

Class 1
1.  79 Eric Hardin — Albins ST6

Class 9 
1. 908 Eric Ruble — Weddle S5

Class 10
2.  1089 Ron Weddle — Weddle S5

Class 5U
1.  5015 Wes Moser — Weddle S5
2.  500 Cade Garcia — Weddle S5

Class 1600
1.  1623 Bryce Ferrar — Weddle-equipped
3.  1618 Zack Sizelove— Weddle-equipped