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2019 SCORE Baja 500

Ensenada, BC, Mexico—One of desert racing's crown jewels, the SCORE Baja 500 once again proved itself to be a grueling test. This year's 500 attracted 245 race teams from around the world and as promised, the Baja Peninsula delivered the punishment. Just over half of the teams entered were able to complete this year's race. 

There were a couple slight changes to this year's Baja 500. The start/finish line of the 485 mile loop was moved to the short course at Ensenada's Estero Beach Resort. As an added twist, race vehicles started side by side. This created a spectacle for the race fans in town, but dust and a cramped course created chaos for the drivers. Trucks bogged in silt at mile 2 created a bottle neck that paused the race for 16 minutes. In the end, the silt, washes, rocky ditches, drop-offs, and scenic passes of the Baja Peninsula cemented the Baja 500's legendary and brutal status.

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Once again, Weddle-equipped vehicles rose to the challenge. 185 Justin Davis crossed the finish line in 10:59:48 for the Class 1 victory, placing 8th overall in Albins AGB-equipped car 185. This was Davis and the Green Army's second Baja 500 class win in a row.

In Class 7, Jeff Proctor and Patrick Daily also pulled off a second straight Baja 500 class win piloting the Albins ST6-equipped 709 Honda Ridgeline. Dan Chamlee finished close behind to take the Class 7 second in Weddle HD Clutch-equipped truck 700.

One more Weddle-equipped team found the top spot of a Baja 500 podium. Dustin Grabowski and Grabowski Brothers Racing finished first in Class 5 piloting the Albins AGB-equipped 527 Subaru Crosstrek. It was another great year for Weddle-equipped teams at the Baja 500. We can't wait for to the Baja 1000 at year's end.

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Top Finishers at the 51st SCORE Baja 500
June 1-2, Baja California, Mexico

Class 1 Unlimited
1. 185 Justin Davis—Albins AGB

Class  7
1. 709 Jeff Proctor/ Patrick Daily—Albins ST6
2. 700 Dan Chamlee—Weddle HD Clutch

Class 5
1. 527 Grabowski Brothers—Albins AGB