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Weddle HV2 Transaxles: Better Bearings (and more of them) Equal Strength

One of the reasons the Weddle HV2 transaxles are so strong is the result of the bearings used in these units. We made sure there were enough bearings to provide support for the gears, eliminate shaft flex, and control the end thrust created by helical cut gears. Some of the heaviest loads are seen at the pinion head, so we’ll start our explanation there. 

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Pinion Bearing Assembly. The HV2 Pinion Bearing Assembly is made up of two Tapered Roller Bearings supported in a Pinion Bearing Housing. The PB Housing is heat treated to 58-60 Rc and precision ground to support the bearings under high loads. There is also a second Weddle HV Pinion Bearing Housing that is ground oversize. If the pinion bearing bore in the main case wears and loosens, the case can be re-bored to restore a tight fit utilizing an oversize Pinion Bearing Housing. This adds extra life to the HV2 main case.

Weddle HV25 Midplate detail

Mid-plate eliminates shaft flex. One weak link in most transmissions is the span of 4 gears between support bearings. In heavy duty use this can lead to shaft flex and gear deflection, causing breakage and/or premature wear of gears and bearings. In the Weddle HV2 units we have a mid-plate between 2nd and 3rd gears. This plate secures roller bearings that support both the mainshaft and the pinion shaft, virtually eliminating shaft flex. There is a support bearing next to every gear. 

Weddle HV25 Nose Cone detail

Nose cone bearings support shaft ends. This is a view in the nose cone of the HV25. Again, more bearings, these support the end of the mainshaft and pinion shaft. As with the mid-plate these bearings provide extra support for the gears and shafts, in this case 5th and reverse which are located in the nosecone of the HV25 (a usable, full size reverse by the way). 

Tapered roller bearings on mainshaft. Most transmissions use a ball bearing on the mainshaft, this has been a trouble spot in the past. The Weddle HV2 transaxles use two tapered roller bearings on the mainshaft to not only support the gears but handle the end thrust created by the gears.

Weddle HV25 Main Shaft Tapered Bearings

Modifications for oil flow. You might notice the machined hole and groove added to the OD of the bearing race. That is a modification we make for the internal oil distribution to get cool, filtered oil to the mainshaft bearings when used with the internal oil pump (more on that later).

Good quality and properly sized bearings are a requirement for a performance gearbox, especially if heavy duty use is the design goal. Weddle Industries used our years of experience and vast supplier network to source high quality bearings to help make the Weddle HV24 and Weddle HV25 the go to choice for a heavy duty synchronized transaxle. 

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