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Albins ST6 UPDATE: Torque Converter and Input Shaft Upgrades

This Albins ST6 keeps getting better. We have developed a new input shaft upgrade with a larger spline configuration that makes this light, compact 6-speed sequential gearbox now even stronger.

Torque converter upgrade. With the new ST6 input shaft, design adjustments to the torque converter package were required to facilitate the new input shaft’s larger spline configuration. This involved changes to the back cover of the converter as well as a new pump hub to match the shaft’s new larger splines. Other adjustments include a wider stator assembly and a new stator support shaft to match. We removed the seal groove from the input shaft and relocated it to the inner diameter of the stator support shaft. That makes the input shaft “ring-less” and eliminates a potential failure point.

Proven. The new input shaft and torque converter upgrades were recently put to the test in the ID Designs-built Hardin Racing Trophy Truck at the 2014 MORE Freedom 250. The Hardin team took the top spot on the podium with a first place finish overall. 

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