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If you are looking to reduce engine RPM at highway speeds in your VW 091/094 trans you now have several different options to choose from:
  • 0.82          3.5% RPM reduction*
  • 0.77          9.4% RPM reduction*
  • 0.75          11.8% RPM reduction*
  • 0.73          14.1% RPM reduction*
  • 0.70          17.6% RPM reduction*

*This is the percentage reduction in RPM versus the stock 0.85 4th gear ratio. Some earlier transaxles came with a 0.88 4th gear, in which case the RPM reduction would be greater.

Precision profile grinding: All Weddle 091 and 094 gear sets are manufactured using a process called "Profile Grinding", which is a huge leap forward in gear manufacturing technology. What separates these gears from the previous generation of hobbed gears is their extremely precise gear tooth geometry. Grinding the final gear tooth form after heat treat eliminates imperfections and/or distortions left over from the gear hobbing, machining, and heat treatment processes. The result is a nearly perfect tooth form every time.

Weddle’s use of proprietary spec gear material, computer aided tooth form design, precision manufacturing, deburing, shot-peening, and now profile grinding, results in gears that run quieter, last longer, and have greatly improved strength and fatigue resistance.

'76-'79 VW Type 2 (091 Bus), '80-'83 Vanagon (Air Cooled), '84+ Vanagon (Water Cooled), MD4-2D, MD5, HV1

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