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Superior drivability. Exceptional holding power. Unmatched technology. Years of research, design, testing and hard work have allowed us to offer the most technologically advanced high-performance off-road clutches with exceptional holding power combined with a smooth engagement and drivability that far surpasses any off-road clutch available before. Features include:  

  • Forged Aluminum Cover. The Weddle HD 9" Twin Disc Clutch features a forged aluminum cover and a fully encapsulated sprung center hub. The compact 9" profile is designed to fit transaxles with VW style bell housings.
  • Superior Design. Patented ball bearing pressure plate pivots to ensure a smoother, lighter pedal than clutches with comparable holding power. Nodular iron pressure plate rings and advanced reinforcements help prevent drive strap breakage and add safety.
  • Balanced as an assembly to reduce vibration 
  • Button-Style Disc with Proprietary Cerametallic Disc Material to increase holding power and deliver smooth engagement 
  • Bulletproof Sprung Center Hub offers smooth clutch engagement and absorbs driveline shock, vibration, and torque spikes which helps protect your transmission, axles, CV joints, and other driveline components from extreme off-road abuse.
  • Patented Weddle Twin Disc Technology utilizing a sprung hub disc with an innovative drive post design allowing a second, nested disc for multi disc holding power without sacrificing the benefits of a sprung center hub. The hub splines feature a wide contact area with the input shaft for superior drive load distribution that minimizes spline wear. 
  • Available for 130T and 168T flywheels 
  • Designed for engine applications up to 500 of torque*
  • Made in USA
Compatible Engines: Chevy LS 1/2/3/6/7
Compatible Transaxles: Albins AGB (VW Bell Housing), Weddle /S4/S5, Weddle HV (VW Bell Housing), Weddle MD 

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* Power holding capacity will vary by application and driver.