Albins ST6 Series

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Albins ST6 Series

The ST6-RT

Front-engine/rear drive package. Australia’s V8 Supercars wanted a lightweight control trans with better weight distributionin the chassis for their 2013 Car of the Future platform. They also needed ease of maintenance but refused to sacrifice on performance. Lighter, stronger, and easier to maintain are tough challenges for any transaxle designer to incorporate in one gearbox. Albins came through with the ST6.

Strong, compact, 6-speed sequentialThe Albins ST6 is a strong, compact, and efficient 6-speed sequential transaxle featuring a set of drop gears for quick, simple ratio changes. In an effort to reduce drag, the ST6 features roller bearings and straight-cut, profile ground gears. All gears are shot peened and isotropic polished. Inspection ports make routine inspection easy without disassembly. Internal oil pumps are standard. 

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