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Weddle Transaxles Conquer Pikes Peak

28 Dan Novembre Pikes Peak 2020

Cascade, CO — One the weekend of August 30th, racers converged on Pikes Peak near Cascade, Colorado for the 98th Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. Four Weddle-equipped teams were among this year’s entries: racers 28 Dan Novembre, 24 David Meyer and 65 Rodney O'Malley all equipped with Weddle S5 transaxles and 56 Chris Strauch piloting Weddle HV25-equipped Porsche.

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New Gen 3 Ratchet System for Weddle S5 transaxles. Over the last year Weddle Industries has been testing the 3rd generation ratchet mechanism for Weddle S5 transaxles. Both Novembre and Meyer arrived in Colorado equipped with the new package. The new Gen 3 system offers many improvements such as compatibility with No-Lift-Shift. The complete Gen 3 package includes a strain gauge shift knob, updated ratchet mechanism, and a more accurate potentiometer to monitor drum position. The new Gen 3 system improves shift speed and feel resulting in reduced dog wear.  

Weddle S5 Gen 3 Ratchet System dogs

The proof is the results. All three Weddle S5-equipped cars finished in the overall top 20. Dan Novembre finished 7th overall with a sub 10 minute time of 9:50.329. We are thrilled with the results. A huge congratulations goes out to all the racers. We're looking forward to Pikes Peak 99.

All photos: Tyler Shyrock

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Top Finishers at the 98th Pikes Peak International Hill Climb
August 30, 2020, Pikes Peak, Colorado

Overall Finishes
7.     28 Dan Novembre — Weddle S5 with new Gen 3 Ratchet System
12.   24 David Meyer — Weddle S5 with new Gen 3 Ratchet System
14.   65 Rodney O'Malley — Weddle S5 with Gen 2 Ratchet System
23.   56 Chris Strauch — Weddle HV25