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STORM RUN: BITD Vegas to Reno 2022

BITD Vegas to Reno 2022 1575 James Dean

Las Vegas, NV — As a marathon point-to-point race, the BITD Vegas to Reno offers teams many challenges, and this year there was an added twist. Severe storms caused flash floods putting the V2R in question. Lucky for us, BITD race officials persevered with the addition of a highway transfer to link the rugged slog to Reno.

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Back to back V2R Class 1500 wins for James Dean. The Dean clan are at home in the Nevada desert. James Dean, along with his brother Jordan, made the 495 mile journey north to Reno in 6:24:42. The Deans finished 4th overall and notched up a second straight Vegas to Reno Class 1500 victory driving Albins AGB-equipped 1575.

BITD Vegas to Reno 2022 1036 Corey Goin

Goin tops podium in Class 10. After qualifying 3rd in Albins AGB 10-equipped 1036, Corey Goin had a relatively smooth route to Reno. Suffering only one flat and no mechanical issues, Goin cruised to the top of the Vegas to Reno Class 10 podium.

A huge shout out to the BITD crew for pulling off this year's V2R despite the wrath of mother nature. Next up on the BITD calendar is the the Laughlin Desert Classic October 20-23, 2022.

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Top Finishers at the 2022 BITD Vegas to Reno
August 10-13, 2022, Las Vegas, NV to Reno, NV

CLASS 1500
1575  James Dean — Albins AGB

1.  1036 Corey Goin 
— Albins AGB 10