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SNORE Motion Tire 300: Weddle-equipped Teams Earn 3 Class Wins

SNORE Motion Tire 300 Class 10 Winner James Ford

Ridgecrest, CA—The SNORE Motion Tire 300 returned in 2021. Race teams gathered in Ridgecrest, CA on the April 2nd weekend for the second race of the SNORE  season. Without missing a beat, Weddle-equipped teams found themselves on the podium.

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SNORE Motion Tire 300 Class 12 Winner Chad Cummings

Weddle-equipped teams heat up the SNORE season with three class wins. After last year’s dispruption, race teams are starting 2021 strong. In Class 10, James Ford powered his way to fist place in Weddle S5-equipped 1015. Chad Cummings  battled his way to the top of the Class 12 podium in Weddle MD5-equipped 1246 and Nathan Viizzo took the Class 9 win in Weddle-equipped 928. Jordan Dean kept up the family  tradition with a spot on the Class 1 podium, earning second driving Albins AGB-equipped 175.

It’s been a great start to 2021. We’re looking forward to a great full year of racing.

SNORE Motion Tire 300 Class 9 Winner Nathan Vizzo

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Top Finishers at the SNORE MOTION TIRE 300
April 2-3, 2021, Ridgecrest CA

Class 1
2. 175 Jordan Dean — Albins AGB

Class 10
1. 1015 James Ford — Weddle S5

Class 12
1. 1246 Chad Cummings — Weddle MD5

Class 9 
1. 928 Nathan Vizzo — Weddle-equipped