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SNORE Midnight Special 2021

SNORE Midnight Special 2021 Class 1 first place Joe David

Jean, NV — SNORE's Midnight Special was conceived to give racers a break from Southern Nevada's brutal midsummer  heat. This year's race kicked off about a half hour after the sun dipped below the desert horizon in Jean, just south of Las Vegas.

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SNORE Midnight Special 2021 Class 5-1600 first place Mark Winston

Cooler temps but new hazards. Racing in the pitch black desert, drivers not only need to dodge rocks, dips, drop offs and cactus at high-speeds, but also the creatures that come out after dark. True to its name, racers battle well though the night. The last finishers are cut off at 2:45 a.m.

SNORE Midnight Special 2021 Class 9 first place Chad Cummings

Hot wins for Weddle-equipped teams. Weddle-equipped teams blasted through the night to four class wins. In Class 9, Kyle Zirkus earned a win in Weddle-equipped 955. 596 Mark Winston took the win in Class 5-1600. In Class 12, Chad Cummings finished first driving Weddle MD-equipped 1246. Joe David took the big Class 1 win piloting Albins AGB-equipped 152.

As we hit midsummer, we're looking forward to more hot SNORE action this fall at the Battle at Primm.

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SNORE Midnight Special 2021 Class 1600 second place Kyle Vizzo


Top Finishers at the 2021 SNORE Midnight Special
July 16-17, 2021, Jean, NV

Class 1 
1. 152 Joe David — Albins AGB
2. 162 Nick Carolan — Albins AGB

Class 12
1. 1246 Chad Cummings — Weddle MD

Class 10
2. 1015 James Ford — Weddle S5

Class 5-1600
1. 596 Mark Winston — Weddle-equipped

Class 9
1. 955 Kyle Zirkus — Weddle-equipped
3. 928 Nathan Vizzo — Weddle-equipped

Class 1600
2. 1694 Kyle Vizzo— Weddle-equipped