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Rage at the River: McMullen Again!

Conner McMullen SNORE Rage at the River 2021

Laughlin, NV — When a surprise first catches us, it can be seen as a fluke. If it happens again, we call it luck. After a third time, it’s a statement. At this year's SNORE Rage at the River, Conner McMullen has proven on a short, fast course that bigger is not always better. In capable hands, a vehicle with an optimal power to weight ratio can be unbeatable.

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Colin Cline SNORE Rage at the River 2021

Earlier this year, McMullen followed up his huge upset at the Legacy Battleground event with another stunning overall win at the SNORE Battle at Primm. In the final event of the SNORE season, McMullen once again bested all Unlimited Trucks and Unlimited buggies to take the overall win in his Albins AGB-equipped 6200 car.

Mark Winston SNORE Rage at the River 2021

Weddle-equipped teams top podiums at SNORE season ender. The fast action on the short 12 mile RATR course is always a crowd pleaser. Along with McMullen's win in Class 1, Weddle-equipped teams gave spectators plenty to cheer, earning 6 class wins over the weekend. In Class 9, 908 Eric Ruble finished on top, 1673 Bud Ward took the Class 1600 win, and 596 Eric Winston snagged first in Class 5-1600. 1158 Jeremy Hendrickson finished on top in Class 11. In Class 5, Colin Cline snagged first in Weddle S5-equipped car 508.

Bud Ward SNORE RATR 2021

2021 was a banger season of SNORE racing. We are looking forward to see what 2022 has to bring.


Eric Ruble SNORE RATR 2021

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Top Finishers at the 2021 SNORE Rage at the River
December 9-12, 2021, Laughlin, NV

Overall winner
1. 140 Conner McMullen — Albins AGB

Class 1
1. 140 Conner McMullen — Albins AGB
3. 152 Joe David — Albins AGB

Class 9
1. 908 Eric Ruble — Weddle-equipped

Class 12
2. 1246 Chad Cummings — Weddle MD5

Class 1600
1. 1673 Bud Ward — Weddle-equipped
4. 1634 Curt Greer — Weddle-equipped

Class 5 
1. 508 Colin Cline — Weddle S5

Class 11
1. 1158 Jeremy Hendrickson — Weddle-equipped

Class 5-1600
1. 596 Mark Winston — Weddle-equipped
2. 551 Eric Garcia — Weddle-equipped