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PARKER 425: The Season Begins

Parker, AZ — The Parker 425 is always much anticipated. Every January, the off-road world reconvenes at the BlueWater Resort & Casino to unofficially kick off the Best in the Desert season. Though this year, the Parker 425 was a little different. Instead of running an early morning and afternoon race, the action was split over Friday and Saturday allowing all classes to complete the race in daylight. The two day format also allowed for less traffic, less bottlenecks, and a safer race for everyone. For the racers at the front of the pack, daylight and lighter traffic made for faster lap times.

Weddle-equipped cars earned great results in Friday's race. In Class 10, Weddle-equipped cars took three out of the top five spots with Chase Warren grabbing second in Weddle S5-equipped 1088. Corey Goin finished fourth in class  piloting Albins AGB10-equipped 1036 and 1045 Mike Rusich took Class 10 fifth in another Weddle S5-equipped vehicle.

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Weddle-equipped cars took four out of the top five in Class 5 with Adam Spitz taking second driving Weddle S5-equipped 5047, Matt Coleman finishing third in Weddle MD-equipped 5019, long time Weddle test pilot Jerry Longo in fourth driving Weddle S5-equipped 5026, and  5031 Dave Sissum in fifth in the Weddle HV25-equipped Thing.


During Saturday's  race in Class 1500, Albins AGB-equipped vehicles swept the podium and took four out of the top five spots. 1529 Brendan Bailey snagged the win, 1532 Brian Parkhouse finished second, 1526 Joe David took third and 1520 Jerry Pilato finished fourth, all vehicles running AGB sequentials.

Weddle-equipped vehicles also dominated the 6200 race, taking three of the top five spots with Keith Waibel winning in Weddle S5-equipped 6227, Jon Largent finishing third in Weddle MD5-equipped 6266, and Bill Masche taking fourth in class driving Weddle S4D-equipped 6277.

The 2020 Best in the Desert season is off to a great start. We can't wait to see what the rest of the season brings.

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Top Finishers at the 2020 BITD Parker 425 
January 24-25, 2020, Parker, Arizona

Class 1500
1529  Brandon Bailey — Albins AGB
2.  1532  Brian Parkhouse — Albins AGB
3.  1526 Joe David — Albins AGB
4.  1520 Jerry Pilato — Albins AGB

Class 10
1088 Chase Warren — Weddle S5
4.  1036 Corey Goin — Albins AGB10
5.  1045  Matt Rusich — Weddle S5

Class 6200
6227 Keith Waibel — Weddle S5
3.  6266 Jon Largent — Weddle MD5
4.  6277 Bill Masche — Weddle S4D

Class 5000
2.  5047 Adam Spitz — Weddle S5
3.  5019 Matt Coleman — Weddle MD5 
4.  5026 Jerry Longo — Weddle S5
5.  5031 Dave Sissum —  Weddle HV25