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PARKER 425: Class wins for Warren, Proctor, and Willard

Parker, AZ—The Parker desert is chilly in January. Though the air for this year’s Parker 425 was very brisk, the 2019 BITD season opener was no less anticipated. Since the passing of Casey Folks, each Parker 425 is an extra welcomed kick off to the desert racing season.

BITD continued the two race format for Parker this year. Race 1 for lighter classes had an early 6am start for two lap and three lap races by class that are completed by mid day. Race 2 for Trick Trucks, 1500, 6100, 7200 and 8000 start in the afternoon for three laps around the 140 plus mile loop.

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Class 10 podiums. The Parker 425 is one of the longer races on the BITD schedule. In any long race, patience and consistency are the keys to success. This strategy paid off for 1088 Chase Warren. Instead of gunning for speed, Warren kept his Weddle S5-equipped 10 car fueled up and trouble free. Warren finished first among the 35 other Class 10 entries. 

Only 3 minutes behind Warren, Christian Fessler overcame an early clutch problem and a flat tire to finish second in Class 10 in Albins AGB10-equipped car 1003.

7200 and Class 5 wins. Weddle-equipped cars managed to snag two more class wins at Parker. Jeff Proctor topped the Class 7200 podium in Albins ST6-equipped 7209 Honda Ridgeline. John Willard took the Class 5 win in Weddle S5-equipped 5014.

Though a spot on the Class 1500 podium was elusive, Albins AGB-equipped vehicles did manage to take 5 out of the top 10. 1583 Bill Wingerning finished 4th and 1526 Joe David took 5th to make the top 5.

Overall, it was a great start to the BITD season for Weddle-equipped vehicles. We’re looking forward to an exceptional 2019!

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Top Finishers 2019 BITD Parker 425
February 2, Parker, Arizona

Class 1000 
1.  1088 Chase Warren — Weddle S5 Sequential
2.  1003 Christian Fessler — Albins AGB10 6-speed

Class 7200 
1.  7209 Jeff Proctor — Albins ST6 Sequential

Class 5000
1.  5014 John Willard — Weddle S5 Sequential
3.  5001 Travis Chase — Albins AGB10 5-speed

Class 1500 Unlimited
  1583 Bill Wingerning — Albins AGB
5.  1526 Joe David — Albins AGB
6.  1532 Cody Parkhouse — Albins AGB
7.  1527 CJ Hutchins— Albins AGB
10.  1510 Brendan Dawson— Albins AGB

Class 2000
2.  2050 Christy Sizelove — Weddle Racing Gears