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The Parker 425 Charges On

Parker, Arizona — The mood at the driver’s meeting at this year’s Parker 425 was somber. It was the first big race of this year’s BITD season and also the first big race since the passing of BITD’s fearless leader, Casey Folks.

Daryl Folks, Casey’s son, dispelled rumors that BITD was up for sale or would cease to continue. Folks assured the crowd that BITD was looking forward and making plans into 2018. Casey’s passing left huge shoes to fill in off-road racing. This year at Parker, the BITD staff and volunteers stepped it up to keep things running smooth and put on an impressive race. Despite the mud and carnage of this year’s race, it was a great way to kick off the BITD season.

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The course was brutal and the day was full of carnage. Half the trick trucks fell out during the first lap. Despite the conditions and situation, drivers dug deep. Weddle Industries had an amazing day in Class 10, taking seven out of the top ten and four out of the top five spots. Brock Hegar and Eric Dollente in Mendeola LQ6-equipped car 1074 finished first with Shane Earn and Kash Vessels finishing right behind them to snag second in AGB-equipped car 1055.

In Unlimited Class 1500, Chad Cummings took 2nd in Albins AGB-equipped car 1524 and Joe David took 3rd in AGB-equipped 1526.

It was a somber and serious start to 2017, but we look forward to a great BITD season ahead.

2016 BITD Parker 425 Top Finishers
Parker, AZ

Class 1500
2.   1524 Chad Cummings - Albins AGB sequential / torque converter
3.   1526 Joe David - Albins AGB sequential / torque converter

Class 10
1.  1074 Brock Heger/Eric Dollente - Mendeola LQ6
2.   1055 Shane Earn/Kash Vessels - Albins AGB
4.   1036 Corey Goin - Albins AGB 10 6-speed sequential
5.   1088 Warren Brothers - Mendeola S5
7.   1072 Keith Waibel - Mendeola LQ6
9.   1099 Adam Pfankuch - Mendeola S5
10.  1047  Jared Teague - Mendeola LQ6