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MORE McKenzie's 250: Tagle Scores a Perfect 10

Weddle Perfect 10 Challenge Winner Ivan Tagle

Lucerne Valley, CA — The weekend of June 5  saw a great turnout for for the third event of the 2021 MORE season as 117 race teams converged in Lucerne Valley for the McKenzie's 250. The Weddle Perfect 10 Challenge, a special event for Class 10 racers, was held in conjunction with the race. As with all Weddle Shootout events this season, the Weddle Perfect 10 Challenge delivered heated action and fun for all.

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Weddle Perfect 10 Challenge 2021 third place Tom Coons

The Weddle Perfect 10 action started bright and early with qualifying on Saturday morning before the main event. Class 10 teams blazed the 3 mile qualifying loop for top starting positions and the Weddle Top Qualifier check. 1099 Ezra Ebberts earned the first start and a $1000 check for his work.

2021 Weddle Perfect 10 Challenge Champion Ivan Tagle

The action for the main event was fast and furious on the 42 mile loop. In the end, 1087 Ivan Tagle was crowned first ever Weddle Perfect 10 Challenge Champion. 1099 Ezra Ebberts finished close behind in second and Tom Coons grabbed the third place check in Weddle S5-equipped 1055. Coons also brought home the $1000 Weddle Fast Lap check.

Weddle Perfect 10 Challenge 2021 second and third place

Weddle Shootout Series events are made possible with the generous support from co-sponsors PCI Race Radios, GG Lighting, Mckenzie’s Performance, Pro Eagle, Fluid Flow Performance, SeeDevil Lighting, 239 Films and Sign Pro that donate over $6000 in bonus and product prizes. Just about everyone walks away a winner. Just ask 1003 Nick May, who made it over the finish line with help from a pair of ratchet straps to earn him the 9th place prize and the Pro Eagle Mr. Perseverance award.

McKenzies 250 Unlimited Truck first place 79 Eric Hardin

Weddle-equipped teams top podiums in the Mackenzies 250. We can't fail to mention the 5 class wins for Weddle-equipped teams in the Mckenzie's 250. Eric Hardin grabbed the Unlimited Truck win in Albins ST6-equipped truck 79. 1157 Blake Wilkey, 554 Raul Solano, 982 Wesley Welch and 1612 Abraham Gutierrez all took first in their respective classes.

McKenzies250 Class 9 Winner Welch

A huge thanks to MORE Racing’s Cody and Danielle Jeffers, all the volunteers, and all of the race teams for making the Weddle Perfect 10 Challenge a success. The last event of the 2021 Weddle Shootout Series will be the Weddle Class 5 Clash, a special event for Class 5U racers held in conjunction with the MORE PCI Radios 300 on September 25. See you there!

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Top Finishers at the 2021 MORE McKenzie's 250
June 5, 2021, Lucerne Valley, CA

Weddle Perfect 10 Challenge (Class 10)
1.  1087 Ivan Tagle
2. 1099 Ezra Ebberts
3. 1055 Tom Coons — Weddle S5

Weddle Top Qualifier Award — $1000 1099 Ezra Ebberts
Weddle Fast Lap Award — $1000  1055 Tom Coons
Weddle Mr. Consistent Award — $1000 1015 James Ford

Unlimited Truck
1. 79 Eric Hardin — Albins ST6

Class 9
1. 982 Wesley Welch — Weddle-equipped
3. 999 Brandon Meehan — Weddle-equipped

Class 5/1600
1. 554 Rauyl Solano — Weddle-equipped
2. 556 Larry Negrete Jr. — Weddle-equipped
3. 558 Luis Herrera — Weddle-equipped

Class 1/2/1600
1.  1612 Abraham Gutierrez — Weddle-equipped
2.  1645 Jeremy Buckley — Weddle-equipped
3.  2609 Jack Clickenbeard — Weddle-equipped

Class 11
1. 1157 Blake Wilkey — Weddle-equipped

Class 1 
2. 1583 Bill Wingerning — Albins AGB
3. 147 Pat McCarthy — Albins AGB

Class 5U
2. 5012 Justin “Bean” Smith — Weddle S5
3. 524 Ben Swift — Weddle S5