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MINT BOMB: Class 1500 AGB Domination plus 6 more Class Wins

Las Vegas, NV—The Mint 400 is arguably the biggest spectacle of the BITD season. Made legendary in Hunter S. Thompson's novel "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas", the Mint offers race teams and fans a week of off road flash in Sin City including the famous vehicle parade down the Strip, the carnival-like atmosphere of tech and events on Fremont Street, and finally two days of racing action. 

However, anyone who has raced the Mint knows it's not all flash and Vegas glitter. The 119 mile loop outside Jean, Nevada is a punishing test of  whoops, silt, hairpin turns, and tire-destroying rocks. Despite all of the flash and abuse, Weddle-equipped race teams crushed "The Great American Off Road Race."

Class 1500 Albins AGB domination. This year's Mint 400 proved once again that Albins AGB transaxles set the benchmark in Class 1500 as AGB-equipped vehicles filled every spot in the top 5. Mint veteran 1532 Cody Parkhouse earned the top spot on the podium with the younger Dean, 1501 James Dean close behind in second. 1527 CJ Hutchins finished third with 1585 Justin Davis/Green Army in 4th and 1540 Sean Eliason in 5th completing the AGB Class 1500 domination of the Mint 400.

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Weddle-equipped cars take 2 of the top 3 spots in Class 10. In a tight race decided by mere seconds, 1088 Chase Warren managed the win driving Weddle S5-equipped car 1088. It was Warren's second straight BITD victory after his Parker 425 win. Finishing less than one minute after Warren, Christian Fessler took the third class piloting Albins AGB10-equipped car 1003. This year's Mint was quite an event for Fessler. Not only did he earn a spot on the Class 10 podium, Fessler managed a second in Class 5 driving Weddle S5-equipped 5026.

Two straight wins for Jeff Proctor and the Albins ST6-equipped Honda Ridgeline.7209 Jeff Proctor, Patrick Daily and the Honda Off Road Racing team matched Warren's 2019 BITD start. Proctor and the Ridgeline crew earned another Class 7200 win at the Mint after their class victory at Parker 425.

More class wins for Weddle-equipped cars. Travis Chase took the top spot in Class 5 in Albins AGB10-equipped 5001 and Nick Carolan claimed the top spot in Class 6200 driving Weddle S5-quipped 6206. Weddle-equipped cars managed two more top 5 sweeps with 5121 Jorge Ventura taking the win in Class 11 and 2011 Jay Reichert topping the podium in Class 2000. This year's Mint 400 lived up to every ounce of its hype. We are looking forward to the next one.

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Top Finishers 2019 BITD Mint 400
March 6-10, Las Vegas, Nevada

Class 1500 Unlimited
1. 1532 Cody Parkhouse/Parkhouse Motorsports — Albins AGB
2. 1501 James Dean — Albins AGB
3. 1527 CJ Hutchins — Albins AGB
4. 1585 Justin Davis/Green Army — Albins AGB
5. 1540 Sean Eliason — Albins AGB
7. 1562 Ladd Gilbert — Albins AGB

Class 1000 
1.  1088 Chase Warren — Weddle S5 Sequential
3.  1003 Christian Fessler — Albins AGB10 6-speed

Class 7200 
1.  7209 Jeff Proctor — Albins ST6 Sequential

Class 6200
1.  6206 Nick Carolan — Weddle S5 Sequential

Class 5000
1.  5001 Travis Chase — Albins AGB10 5-speed
2.  5026 Christian Fessler — Weddle S5 Sequential

Class 2000
1.  2011  Jay Reichert
2.  2028  Journée Richardson
3.  2017  Ted Baker
4.  2050  Christy Sizelove
5.  2040  Dave Collier

Class 11
1.  5121  Jorge Ventura 
2.  5110  Eric Palacios 
3.  5189  Erik Johnson/Johnson Racing
4.  5132  Mark Duchete 
5.  5151 Jeremy Robinson