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Legacy Battleground: McMullen First Overall

Conner McMullen Legacy Battleground 2021

Primm, NV — With season one under its belt, the Legacy Racing Associate Series has made a mark. The Legacy Battleground wrapped up the maiden season with a short course/multiple heat/multiple day event. With the first Legacy Championships on the line, race teams gathered in Primm, Nevada to do battle on a 9 mile course for the lowest combined time over the October 2-3 weekend. 

McMullen fastest overall. Conner McMullen put down blazing lap times over the two days to not only take the Class 6200 win, but finish the event with the fastest combined time among all classes, including unlimited trucks and unlimited buggies. McMullen took the overall win in his new Albins AGB-equipped 6240 vehicle.

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Eric Husted Legacy Battleground 2021

Eric Hustead wins 2021 Legacy Unlimited Truck Championship in AWD truck 38. The weekend sealed Eric Hustead's Legacy season. In addition to his Unlimited Truck class win at Battleground, Hustead chalked up three unlimited class qualifying wins this season earning him three trophies and $3,000 cash while piloting Albins ST6-equipped AWD truck 38 with Albins AFD-100 front diff. Hustead also locked down the 2021 Legacy Unlimited Truck Championship.

Legacy Racing Association proved they can put on a great show in 2021. We're looking forward to what they have in store for 2022.

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Top Finishers at the 2021 Legacy Battleground
September 30-October 3, 2021, Primm, NV

Overall winner
1. 6240 Conner McMullen — Albins AGB

Class 6200
1. 6240 Conner McMullen — Albins AGB

Unlimited Truck
1.  38 Eric Hustead — Albins ST6 + Albins AFD-100 Front Diff