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The Great American Off Road Race 2018

Las Vegas, Nevada— Las Vegas became the center of the off road race world over the March 10 weekend as race teams gathered for the 50th anniversary of the Mint 400. The Mint is arguably the biggest spectacle of the BITD season. From the parade of vehicles down the world famous Las Vegas strip to the race itself, this year’s celebration of the Mint’s half-century provided entertainment for all. 

Apart from all the Vegas flash, the Mint 400 is a serious race. The 118 mile course is full of punishing whoops, hairpin turns and high speed lake beds. This year, rain started as the sun set on the afternoon race. This helped limit the dust but created new challenges for the drivers. As expected, the brutal Mint course took its toll. Out of the 180 cars that entered the three lap race, only 80 managed to cross the finish line by midnight.

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Despite the punishing conditions, Weddle equipped cars had a strong showing. 38 Eric Husted, 74 Mike Prescott, and 64 Scot Fluharty managed to conquer the three brutal laps to cross the finish line in their Albins ST6-equipped Trick Trucks. 7209 Jeff Proctor in the Albins ST6-equipped Honda Ridgeline snagged the number two spot on the Class 7200 podium. 

In Class 1500, Albins AGB-equipped teams took three out of the top five spots. 1532 Brian Parkhouse took the number two spot on the podium, while 1547 Pat McCarthy finished 4th and 1583 Bill Wingerning placed 5th. 

Other great results for Weddle-equipped cars include Mike Avila's Class 6200 win in his S5-equipped 6228. 5012 Mike Belk took first in Class 5 with 5016 Justin “Bean” Smith finishing right behind in 2nd, both in MD5-equipped cars. Christian Fessler took the Class 10 number 3 spot in Albins AGB 10-equipped 1003 and Class 11 warrior 5189 Robert Johnson finshing 3rd in his race.

Next year, the Great American Off Road Race will become an even bigger spectacle as motorcycles and quads return for the Mint’s 51st anniversary. We are looking forward to it.

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2018 BITD Mint 400 Top Finishers

Class 1500 Unlimited
2. 1532  Brian Parkhouse—Albins AGB
4. 1547 Pat McCarthy—Albins AGB
5. 1583 Bill Wingerning—Albins AGB

Class 7200
2. 7209 Jeff Proctor—Albins ST6

Class 6200
1. 6228 Mike Avila—S5

Class 10
3. 1003 Christian Fessler—Albins AGB10

Class 5
1.   5012  Mike Belk—MD5
2.   5016   Justin “Bean” Smith—MD5

Class 11 
3.   5189 Robert Johnson-Weddle Race Gears