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BITD Silver State 300: Albins AGBs Dominate Class 1500

Alamo, NV—2019 marked the second year running of Silver State 300 after a long hiatus from the BITD calendar. Unlike most other BITD events, the Silver State is a 300 mile point to point race that starts just north of Alamo, Nevada. The Silver State has a reputation of being one of the fastest races of the season.

The short course just outside of Buffalo Bill’s Casino has seen a flurry of action this spring with the SNORE Battle at Primm and the Mint 400 in the past few weeks. The roller coaster at Buffalo Bill’s once again served as the backdrop for the Silver State 300 qualifying trials. Two Albins AGB-equipped vehicles qualified in the top 5 fastest trial times. 1501 James Dean and 1553 Ray Griffith would start in the 2 and 5 positions off the line among the Trick Trucks for the main event.

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This year’s Silver State 300 proved once again that Albins AGB transaxles are the gold standard in Class 1500. Once the dust settled in the Nevada desert, Albins AGB-equipped teams took the top four spots in class. After setting a blistering pace, 1527 CJ Hutchins finished first in 1500 and second overall, ahead of all Trick Trucks except for Justin Lofton. Last year’s Class 1500 Silver State winner, 1562 Ladd Gilbert finished second. 1553 Ray Griffith took 3rd and 1526 Joe David finished 4th in class.

The Silver State 300 proved to be another great race for Weddle-equipped teams.We're looking forward to the Vegas to Reno.

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Top Finishers 2019 BITD Silver State 300
May 2-4, Alamo, Nevada

Class 1500
1. 1527 CJ Hutchins — Albins AGB
2. 1562 Ladd Gilbert — Albins AGB
3. 1553 Ray Griffith — Albins AGB
4. 1526 Joe David — Albins AGB

Class 5000
2. 5001 Travis Chase —Albins AGB10

Class 2000
1. 2050 Christy Sizelove — Weddle Racing Gears