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AFTER DARK: SNORE Midnight Special

SNORE Midnight Special 2022 140 Connor McMullen

Jean, NV — Racing in the pitch black desert has pluses and minuses. The SNORE Midnight Special gives racers a respite from the brutal summer heat, but navigating dips, drop offs, and cactus in the dark while dodging the creatures that creep out after the sun sets gives desert racing a whole new dimension. With a 9pm start time, racers battle for hours into the night.

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Four class wins for Weddle-equipped teams. Despite the hazards of night desert racing, Weddle-equipped teams had no problems finding the podium in Jean.  Connor McMullen once again took his Albins AGB-equipped 6200 car to the top spot in Class 1. Colin Cline earned the Class 5U first piloting Weddle S5 Sequential-equipped 508. Two more Weddle-equipped teams, 955 Kyle Zirkus in Class 9 and 1635 Alec Rodriquez in Class 1600 earned the top spots on their respective podiums.

SNORE Racers will get a little break from the heat for the rest of summer, but will return in October for the Ridgecrest 300.

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Top Finishers at the 2022 SNORE Midnight Special
July 16, 2022, Jean, NV

Class 1
1.  140  Connor McMullen — Albins AGB
2.  151  Dustin Miller — Albins AGB

Class 5U
1.  508  Colin Cline — Weddle S5

Class 12
2. 1251  Dane Miller — Weddle S5

Class 9
1.  955  Kyle Zirkus — Weddle-equipped

Class 1/2-1600
1. 1635 Alec Rodriguez — Weddle-equipped
2.  1642 Emily Shapiro — Weddle-equipped
3.  1613  Jordan Mills — Weddle-equipped