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8 Firsts at the MORE PCI Radios 300

Lucerne Valley, CA — Hundreds of race teams gathered on the weekend of September 24 for the MORE PCI Radios 300. It was a great day for cars equipped with Weddle gears and gearboxes. Overall, Weddle-equipped cars took an impressive 8 first place finishes, including the overall victory. 

Dominating  the Unlimited Class was the ID Designs-built, Albins ST6-equipped number 79 Trophy Truck driven by Eric Hardin. 

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In Class 10, Richard Glaszczak took the top spot in his Mendeola LQ-equipped Alumi Craft car 1073.

Other Weddle Racing Gears-equipped cars taking firsts were 5047 Adam Spitz in Class 5,  1634 Curt Geer in Class 1600, 904 Tyler Peterson in Class 9, 1100 Robert Johnson in Class 11, and 3015 James Ford in Class 3000, and 1399 Julie Meehan in Class 1300. Very honorable mention goes to Bud Ward in Weddle Racing Gears-equipped car 1673 for his 2nd in Class 1600.

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Lucerne, CA

1st Unlimited     79 Eric Hardin  — Albins ST6-i

1st Class 10     1073 Richard Glaszczak — Mendeola LQ6, Weddle Racing Gears

1st Class 5     5047 Adam Spitz —Weddle Racing Gears

1st 1600     1634 Curt Geer — Weddle Racing Gears

1st Class 9     904 Tyler Peterson — Weddle Racing Gears

1st Class 11    1100 Robert Johnson — Weddle Racing Gears

1st Class 3000     3015 James Ford — Weddle Racing Gears

1st Class 1300     1399 Julie Meehan — Weddle Racing Gears