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2022 Weddle Five & Dime Champs Crowned

1089 Ron Weddle Weddle Five & Dime Shootout 2022

Lucerne Valley, CA — Racers converged over the April 23 weekend for the second event of MORE season featuring the Weddle Five & Dime Shootout, a special event for Class 5U and Class 10 racers. Racers were in for a treat with special Weddle Bonuses to chase as well as tons of new terrain included in this year's 40 mile loop.  

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Morning race podium sweeps. Weddle-equipped teams dominated Class 1600 and Class 9. 1622 Tim Craig took first Class 1600 followed by 1644 Mike Malloy in second and 1679 Cole Hardin in third. Class 9 saw 925 Brad Arts earn the win, followed by 975 Tommy Searfoss in second and 912 Dustin Gill finishing third.

516 Ethan Jackson Weddle Five & Dine Shootout 2022

Weddle Five and Dime champs crowned. With special Class 5U  and Class 10 Weddle Shootout bonuses on the line, the afternoon competition was fierce. Ethan Jackson earned the Weddle Five & Dime Class 5U crown piloting Weddle S5-equipped 516. Weddle-equipped cars filled the Class 5U  top 5 with Scott Moldenhauer in Weddle S5-equipped 502 second, Ray Prommer third in Weddle MD-equipped 5013, Adam Spitz in Weddle S5-equipped 5047 fourth and David Sissum in Weddle HV25-equipped 531 in fifth. 

 502 Scott Moldenhauer Weddle Five & Dime 2022

The 1089 team of Weddle boss Ron Weddle and Adam Pfankuch put new Weddle S5 components in development to the test on the way to a Class 10 win and second overall. Graciously, the boss pledged his Five & Dime winnings back in the pot for next year's racers to have a shot at it.

Weddle Five & Dime Shootout 2022 TJ Fisher

Partnering with MORE racing to present the 2022 Weddle Shootout Series has been a hoot. The third and final event of the 2022 Weddle Shootout Season will be the TJ CRAIG MEMORIAL WEDDLE SWEET 16 SHOOTOUT on September 24, run in conjunction with the PCI Radios 300 at Johnson Valley. Weddle Industries is proud to support grassroots desert racing.  

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Top Finishers at the 2022 MORE McKenzie's 250
April 23, 2022, Lucerne Valley, CA

Weddle Five & Dime Shootout — Class 10
1.  1089 Ron Weddle/ Adam Pfankuch — Weddle S5
4.  1055  Tom Coons — Weddle S5

Weddle Five & Dime Shootout — Class 5U
1.  516 Ethan Jackson — Weddle S5
2.  502 Scott Moldenhauer  — Weddle S5
3.  5013  Ray Promer— Weddle MD
4.  5047  Adam Spitz — Weddle S5
5.  531 David Sissum — Weddle HV25

Class 9
1.  925 Brad Arts — Weddle-equipped
2.  975  Tommy Searfoss — Weddle-equipped
3.  912  Dustin Gill — Weddle-equipped

Class 1600
1.  1622 Tim Craig — Weddle-equipped
2.  1644  Mike Malloy — Weddle-equipped
3.  1679 Cole Hardin — Weddle-equipped