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Weddle S4/S5 Throw Out Bearing Adapter

The original Sachs Late VW T/O Bearing is now obsolete. The ability to add a bronze bushing to this T/O bearing is what allowed the use of the large diameter Chrysler Hemi spline on the input shaft of the S45 transaxle. We had a couple of options to remedy this situation. One would have been to switch to a different spline on the input shaft that allowed the use of a standard T/O bearing. Unfortunately this would have required installing a new input shaft, not something every weekend mechanic is comfortable with and something not easily done with the transaxle in the car. 

We opted to make a new T/O bearing adapter that uses a press on bearing. The adapter is made from an existing Late VW T/O bearing shell, we machine it and weld in a custom sleeve. The adapter can use a flat face or a convex face T/O bearing depending on the clutch being used. This new design is a direct replacement assembly, using the standard clutch release mechanism, and has been tested against Stage 4 Kennedy pressure plates. Bearings are replaceable, adapter assembly only needs to be purchased once.

Application: Weddle S4/S5 Transaxles

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