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The Ultimate Arctic Cat Superdiff

The ultimate solution for Arctic Cat Wildcat XX front differential failures. Weddle Industries has designed and produced a 4-spider gear Superdiff to replace the factory 2-spider gear differential carrier. The factory equipped front differential units have multiple failure points, most notably with spider and side gear failures, and worn out ring & pinion gears.  

4-spider gears greatly improve strength and reliability. The factory 2-spider gear units do not offer enough strength these gears are subjected to under moderate and severe driving conditions. 4-spider gears add strength by distributing the load across more teeth to help reduce the chance of cracking the gear teeth, and extending the life cycle of the spider and side gears.

Proper location of ring & pinion gear allows for better lubrication and gear lash. The factory diff carrier does not position the ring gear properly within the diff housings, which does not allow proper spacing between the R&P gear teeth. This results in accelerated wear on the gear teeth and eventual failure. The Weddle Superdiff fixes this issue by properly locating the ring gear in the assembly, and allows for gear lash adjustments via shims under the carrier bearing. 

The factory equipped diff locking function is retained and can be utilized to help drive the front tires over obstacles and other extreme terrain. 

The Weddle Superdiff kit will require a minimum of two extra spider gears (Weddle Part ARC-3333-023 or ARC-3333-023-X) to complete the assembly. 

Use in conjunction with our billet sidecover kit for the ultimate in strength and reliability. (Weddle Part ARC-3333-017-HD-KIT or ARC-3333-058-HD-KIT)


Application: Arctic Cat Wildcat XX, Tracker XTR 1000

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ARC-3333-052-HD  Weddle 4-spider Differential Kit for Arctic Cat Wildcat XX/XTR 1000 
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ARC-3333-023  10-tooth Spider Gear for Arctic Cat Front Diff, Fits 2018+ Wildcat XX
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ARC-3333-023-X     Alternate 10-tooth Spider Gear For Arctic Cat Wildcat XX Front Differential
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ARC-3333-017-HD-KIT  Weddle Billet Sidecover Kit for Arctic Cat Wildcat XX
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ARC-3333-058-HD-KIT    Weddle Billet Sidecover Kit For Arctic Cat Wildcat XX/Tracker XTR 1000 Gen 2 Front Diff
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