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NEW VW Vanagon Shift Rail Guide/Ball Sleeve
Replacement parts that keep your ride alive. Weddle Industries now has a supply of previously obsolete OEM Shift Rail Guides/Ball Sleeves for 094 Vanagon gearboxes (part 091-301-120). These components are crucial for the smooth shifting of any 094 trans, so we put a big effort into getting them back in production.
TECH TIP: During an overhaul, it's important to remove all shift rail guides (3 in gear housing and 3 in main case) so they can be inspected for cracks or other damage. This is especially critical after a bearing or gear failure. For a high-end rebuild, we recommend replacing all 6 shift rail guides.

Applications: '84+ VW Vanagon (Water Cooled), Weddle HV1

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091-301-120     Shift Rail Guide/Ball Sleeve for VW 094 Vanagon Trans, New     See pricing